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Capstan Motor Rebuilding

Complete refurbishing of the Capstan Motor assembly.  Includes new precision bearings and resurfacing of the commutator.

Reeling Motor Rebuilding

New precision bearings and commutators machined to 0.001″ total indicated readout.

Turntable Resurfacing

Surface machined to 0.001″ lateral run-out with new high-traction cork pads.

Tension Arm Rebuilding

Complete disassembly of the tension arms – original press-fit version or spring clip revision. Assemblies are cleaned, bearings replaced, and tape guide mounts are resurfaced.

Timer Wheel Refurbishing

Assembly is ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt with new class 5 bearings.

Tape Guide Refurbishing

Disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning of all tape guide components. Tape guides are rebuilt using new class 7 bearings and new shims to OEM specification. **Note: Early revision tape guide assemblies cannot be rebuilt. See photos below:

Capstan-Tachometer Glass Centering

ATR Services can mount new precision glass encoder discs to used, good condition capstans.  Our centering method results in the lowest component and overall flutter specifications possible.

Encoder Grating Installation

It is sometimes necessary to replace a cracked encoder grating on the Capstan Tachometer Sensor PWA.  Let ATR Services ensure proper replacement.

Archival Modification Kit

Our transport modifications for Archival Version ATR-100s can be added to any machine.  Modifications include:  Reverse-Play Mode, Spooling Speed Select, Play-Pack Mode and Soft Servo Engage.

Power Supply Rebuild

Includes new AC power switch, fuses, filter capacitor and rectifying diodes.  Also available as a kit.

I/O Module Refurbishing

New fuses, meter bulbs and filter capacitors.  Ultrasonic cleaning of manual adjustment knobs, repainting and silk-screening of I/O Module face plates.  Option to include new VU meter scale plates and orange lenses.

Electronics PWA Refurbishing

Replacement voltage rail filter capacitors, 12V voltage regulators and other commonly degraded components.  Includes Ampex Field Engineering Bulletin updates and modifications and detailed cleaning.

Control Unit / Remote Refurbishing

New momentary switches and overlay.

Search-to-Cue Refurbishing

New momentary switches, tantalum capacitors and overlay.

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