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ATR Services has provided multiple machines to public and private archives. These include the Library of Congress, NARA, Georgetown University, University of Boston, University of Georgia, Universal Music, etc.

In all cases, the archivist must be able to playback high value tapes that are often old, fragile and difficult to handle without damage. We build a special version ATR-102 that makes the archivist work much easier. Equipped with six very low servo-controlled winding speeds, gentle threading, ability to handle 5″ to 14″ EIA or NAB tape reels and reverse playback for identification of poorly documented tapes.

The pinch-roller-less servo drive system of our ATR-102 is the gentlest way to playback delicate recorded assets.

As with all ATR Services equipment, technical or operational support is only a phone call away.

Quotes available by phone or email.

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