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The New Ownership and Driving Force Behind the Company’s Future

We are delighted to announce that ATR Service, Inc. has recently undergone a change in ownership in May, 2023. The company has been acquired by Andrey Kosobutsky, an individual who brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of high-quality restoration and upgrades of Ampex ATR series tape recorders.


With a lifelong passion for audio fidelity and a deep understanding of the intricacies of tape recorders, Andrey has made a name for themselves in the industry as a trusted expert in audiophile restoration and upgrades. Having honed his skills over the years, Andrey has acquired an impressive track record of providing exceptional technical support to enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Drawing on their experience and expertise, the ATR Service team plans to introduce a range of innovative upgrade options for Ampex ATR tape recorders. Whether you require routine maintenance, repairs, or advanced modifications to enhance the performance of your equipment, ATR Service, Inc. will be your go-to destination for unrivaled technical support.


We invite you to reach out to Andrey for all technical enquiries. Experience the difference that a true aficionado and skilled technician can make in bringing your beloved tape recorders to their highest possible performance levels.


The ATR Service team are committed to continuing the legacy of excellence established by the company. They have set their sights even higher, aiming to elevate the technical support and services to the level of audiophile and hi-end quality.

Andrey ATR DSC_3258R.jpg

Meet our partner Sergey Muzika, our electronic virtuosos, and experience firsthand the dedication we bring to every repair project.

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