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Due to an increasing number of near master quality releases on 1/4″ and 1/2″ 2-track tape, discerning audiophiles have discovered the intense musical space and realism that only analog tape offers. Now the audiophile has the opportunity to hear the magic that the artist and engineers heard from a studio playback.

Many tape recorder options are open to the audiophile from the consumer grade transports to full studio recorders. Again the best choice is the Ampex ATR-102. For the same reason that the ATR-102 is the only logical choice for the studio pro translates identically to the audiophile. Being a direct drive with no pinch roller, the ATR-102 is very easy on tapes and our ATR-102 is the lowest wow and flutter deck available. Reproduce noise on our audiophile version is the lowest available and makes a big difference on high quality playback systems.

Unlike all other tape recorders, the ATR-102 is very easy to re-configure for your needs. If you purchase our 1/4″ 2-track version but later discover that you wish to playback or record 1/2″ 2-track format, it is a simple change that takes only a minute to do with the optional head block and tape guide kit. Do you wish to add a quarter track head to playback some of your old tapes from the 60’s, we can simply add that head to existing head block with a switch so you can use it at will.

Audiophile ATR-102’s are supplied in the console-pedestal mount. We can configure the inputs and outputs either single ended or balanced, high or low output levels to match your pre-amp or power amp input sensitivities.

An Audiophile ATR-100 series can be optionally supplied in any color combination or matched to your color sample. Any degree of customization is possible. Please call or email to discuss your system 


Ampex ATR-102

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