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Mastering Trimmers for Audio Boards

Knobbed trimmers replace the reproduce section of the 2-Speed PADNET Board to allow for quick and easy adjustment to client specified tone set.

Electronics Harness Re-Pinning

Early model-year ATRs were equipped with tin-plated pins throughout the harness.  These pins proved to be temperamental producing intermittent connections throughout the recorder. ATR Services will revive your early model ATR-100 by replacing all 128 harness pins.

Wrist Pad Refurbishing

Restore the feel of your ATR by re-wrapping the wrist pad.  Replacement rubber end caps available as well.

OEM Painting Services

Repaint items individually or the entire cabinet assembly and pedestal. ATR Services has perfected the color and texture of the original Ampex ATR-100. Note: Heavily damaged items must be negotiated.


ATR Services stocks an extensive supply of Original Equipment Manufacturer, Newly Manufactured, and New-Old Stock mechanical and electrical components to keep your ATR-100 series running at peak performance.

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