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The HDV-3 is a reproduce amplifier designed to provide a transparent musical sound stage to the sound of a standard ATR102.  HDV-3 is a new improved version of the HDV-2 predecessor module, a tube playback pre-amp for the ATR-102 tape machine engineered and produced over 25 years ago by Dave Hill (Crane Song Ltd.).


The HDV-3 engineered and produced entirely by the ATR Service team.


It is a two-channel playback system consisting of the highest quality transformerless dual triode tape head preamp coupled to a solid-state final gain stage.  The front-end tube stage provides accurate musical depth, presence and focused midrange that compliments many different musical styles.  The HDV-3 is a modular design and plugs directly into the ATR100 motherboard cage and is transparent to the operation of the recorder.  The HDV-3 channel outputs can be taken directly at low line level or feed the machine's Input / Output Assemblies.


HDV-3 systems operate at 15 IPS NAB / CCIR and 30 IPS AES Equalization.  Systems are capable of working with standard ATR-102 playback heads at either 1/2 inch or 1/4-inch tape format versions. The HDV-3 was designed to be a musically accurate amplifier without bias of the technology used.  The transformerless tube front end came about after listening tests to different front-end designs and determined to sound the most musical. 

The HDV-3 allows direct comparison with the original Ampex electronics with a front panel mounted selector switch.  This bold feature ensures that the user has a definitive reference point in choosing the most suitable electronics for a particular project or song in that project.  The unit has front panel control over high frequency head damping which allows to align more accurately the mid and high frequency response curves.

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