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ATR Service was founded in 1991 by audio recording professional Michael (Mike) Spitz.  The company sought to restore, repair and upgrade Ampex professional tape recorders, specifically the MM-1200 multitrack recorder and the ATR-100 series mix-down recorder.  As a former Ampex Technical Service Representative, Mr. Spitz was able to acquire a wealth of technical knowledge pertaining to the aforementioned tape recorders, subsequently passed down to the next generation of magnetic recording professionals.


Today, ATR Service continues the legacy of Mr. Spitz in repairing, restoring and modifying Ampex ATR-100 series recorders. Machines of a variety of end-uses are reworked by our staff, from quarter-inch playback only to one-inch two-track master recording. In addition to professional recording studios, we work with a number of archival facilities which employ our asset handling modifications – Reverse-Play, Play-Pack Lifters, Spooling Speed Select and Soft-Thread Servo. We maintain a full stock of electrical, mechanical and cosmetic components for the ATR-100 series. 


ATR Service continues to work with Original Equipment Manufacturers to source new, replacement components as well as have fine-tuned the processes of restoring original components to like-new condition. ATR Service has also accumulated a fully equipped toolroom, allowing for the manufacture of replacement mechanical components in-house. ATR Service is also a registered vendor of MRL Calibration Tapes used for establishing the reference level of playback. 


We stock a variety of recent-production test tapes in all widths to ensure optimum performance.  Our experience in restoring all facets of the ATR-100 series allows us to meet, if not exceed, the published factory specifications.

ATR Service History

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