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ATR Services [USA] have taken the first steps to re-creating the control cards for the incomparable Ampex ATR-100 series master recorders. We created new Capstan Servo boards which are assembled, tested and ready for order at the convenience of giving us a call (717-852-7700)!

The function of the capstan servo card can be best described best by the Ampex 100 Series Manual:
“The capstan servo is a closed-loop type of servo that controls the speed and direction of the dc capstan motor during all recording modes of operation.”

In keeping with Ampex’s architecture, these boards are drop-in ready to any existing ATR-100 series machine – 101, 102, 104.  Additionally, support specialists will be able to troubleshoot the card identically to existing boards as all part numbers have been maintained on our new build.  The schematic used for this design is the last revision by Ampex (-10) and our new boards integrate the piggyback assembly used to regulate fast forward top speed.

Enhancements include:
–    Blue solder mask to protect traces and avoid accidental short circuits
–    Hard gold-plated edge fingers for long life and improved contact with edge connectors
–    Large heatsinks for 12V regulators for better heat dissipation and component life
–    High quality metal film capacitors and 1% metal film resistors used throughout
–    Gold-plated machined IC sockets in all locations
–    All components available through ATR Services or common suppliers

Our new Capstan Servo boards come with a 1 Year “Failure Free” Warranty.

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