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“That’s very comforting news that Andrew is taking over ATR Service.

It will be in very good hands.”

Mattias G.

“Dear Andrey! 

WHAT A SOUNNNNND!!! Extraordinarily impressive!!! 

Tears of great emotion in my eyes. 

Thank you very very much for your help and support!

 I'm gonna cry more when I hear it in 1/2”. Hahaha”

Andre D.

“The new 'AK' level of tape performance has moved the needle. No doubt.”

“Tonight i'm listening to some delicious tapes i had not played in maybe 10 years. this is down home americana blues, some organ, honky tonk piano, and guitar and it's just lit me up big time. maybe the best listening session i have ever had (getting carried away and loving it). wow!!! double wow!!! the ATR-102 and MR-70 is really stepping out.”

Mike L.

“Andrew's work is top notch...”
Bruce B.
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